Citrus County Veterans Coalition
"Veterans Helping Veterans"
      Don't wait for help, has chat on site: CALL NOW!    or text to 838255
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The Citrus County Veterans Coalition strives to assist local veterans and their families in a variety of ways.

Our main focus is providing food from our Food Pantry to help them stay healthy and well fed.
We can use various types of food,
printable list, they can be dropped off any time the
Food Pantry is open,
we can provide receipts for your tax record.

We also provide assistance with any special needs they may have, both with monetary and physical help.
In the past we have helped get cars fixed, roofs done,we also have furniture and wheelchairs available
as needed, we have helped to get  wheelchair ramps installed and in many other ways.

Whatever needs to be done we will strive to help, or find someone who can!
Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Monetary help is much appreciated but we could also use local help for any number of projects as they come along.
If you are healthy and can do physical work or if you own a local business, and can provide suppliesplease contact Richard Floyd
 (352) 400-8952) and offer to help.

We can provide you with a receipt for tax records if needed,  (just indicate that on your check, at this time we do not have on-line donations
Gift cards to stores that sell groceries or to gas stations are also useful; we hand them out as needed.

Make checks payable to CCVC and mail to:
PO Box 851
Inverness, FL 34451
Bob & Wallace presenting
Appreciation Plaque to
John & Edna Daley
Bob & Wallace presenting
Appreciation Plaque to

Al & Alice Gillette
Susan  presenting
Appreciation Plaque to
Sandi & Richard Gladu
Owners of Angellotti's Pizza, Inverness
The CCVC is a 501C Non-Profit Orginization (donations are tax deductable)