Citrus County Veterans Coalition
"Veterans Helping Veterans"
             Don't wait for help, has chat on site: CALL NOW!    or text to 838255
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Due to Veteran's Day, the Flea Market will be Nov. 18th
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                   Mission Statement

The mission of the Citrus County
Veterans Coalition is to establish, maintain, operate,promote, advise, and provide professional legislative and social services to military veterans, widows and widowers of veterans in Citrus County,Florida.

It is our purpose to maintain an organization of veterans speaking as one voice for the benefit of all veterans. 

In case of emergency for food or any other emergency: call  352-400-8952  or  contact any officer. We will try to help.

$$$$$$$$ Fundraising $$$$$$$$
The CCVC is a 501C Non-Profit Orginization
All fundraising profits are used to help local veterans and their families in a variety of ways.
Wish to Help?
From September through May, we have our yard sale/flea market on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 5 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church,
South US 41, in Inverness.

We encourage everyone to bring donations for  the
food pantry &/or for the CCVC to sell (no large furniture, no clothing).
* Vendor Info.             


General meetings are at 10 a.m. on the 2nd Thursday,
Sept. through June
at the
DAV building, corner of Independence and
1039 N. Paul St., Inverness.


   American Trivia   (external link)
Please read our Newsletter, the Coalition Crusader and support the organizations and businesses within.
Attention  Veterans
The Citrus County Veterans Coalition is always
looking for new members.

here for membership application.

CCVC College Scholarship Program
(for veterans and relatives of veterans)
Food Pantry
Our Food Pantry for veterans and their families operates Tuesdays and 1st & 3rd Thursday (excluding holidays) from 9 to noon. We usually have a nice variety of dry, canned and frozen goods for veterans and their dependents in need. 
 Open Dates for Pantry: 9-12
Tuesday Thursday
3 5
10 19
Thank You! 

Heartfelt thanks to the following who have donated to the CCVC &
Food Pantry this past month.

*( those who signed will be mentioned, please sign when you donate)

John & Edna Daley--Al & Alice Gillette
Dorsey Worley--Angelottis Pizza

*please note-this info. will be updated monthly at the beginning of month for the previuos month