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"Veterans Helping Veterans"
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The Citrus County Veterans Coalition (CCVC) is pleased to offer a student scholarship towards a Florida: University, Junior College, College or Vocational School, to Veterans or to a non-veteran who you is related to a veteran. A grant may also be offered to a VETERAN.

  • The recipients shall have been accepted to or be presently enrolled in a full time course of instruction leading to a degree or a Vocational skill.

  • Selection shall be conducted by the Veterans Coalition Scholarship Committee, from a properly filled / completed application received by the Veterans Coalition at the date specified.

  • The procedure requires that the applicant write a statement detailing the course of study, goals and why they are aspiring for this award along with any other pertinent information that will allow the Veterans Coalition to make an informed decision.

  • Military Veterans are eligible for a either a scholarship or a grant . Only one application shall be accepted per applicant.

  • Applications are now available thorough the Guidance department in high schools, or the Withlacoohee Technical College or the College of Central Florida,

  • or by calling 352-400-8952 and leave a message. It is also available as a printable here.  Applications can be printed at any time but any received before March 1st will not be eligible, also any postmarked after March 31st will be ineligible.

  • There are two different applications. One application is for military veterans and the other is for all non-veterans who shall be related to a veteran. Deadline for postmark of applications is March 31st. Applications may be mailed to the :Citrus County Veterans Coalition, P.O. Box 851, Inverness, Fl 34451.