Citrus County Veterans Coalition
"Veterans Helping Veterans"
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Elected Officers
Appointed Officers
                                Project Chairs
Richard Floyd
(727) 492-0292

1st Vice Chair
Mike O'Brien
(352) 212-3846

2nd Vice Chair
Wallace Turner
(352) 601-1353
Robert Bendle  

Judge Advocate

Fred Daniels
(352) 422-2449
Fred Daniels
(352) 422-2249

Andrew Freund
(352) 220-3071
Sergeant At Arms
Jerry Kelley

Sheila Bendle

Food Pantry
Susan Turner

Special Projects
Mike O'Brien
(352) 212-3846 cell

Yard Sale
Richard Floyd
(352) 400-8952
Public Relations
Dan Luce
(832)276 4556

Fred Daniels
(352) 422-2449

Web site
Sheila Bendle
contact any one of the above and we will do all we can to answer questions or provide help
Back Row L-R Wallace Turner, Fred Daniels,
 Richard Floyd, Ray Michael, Jerrry Kelly
Front Row L-R Robert Bendle, Mike O'Brien, Julie Jacobs

Past Chairman (Advisor to Board)              
Thank you for your service to the CCVC

Ray Michael

Board Members
Richard Floyd             Robert Bendle  
Mike O'Brien              Wallace Turner
Fred Daniels               Ray Michael

Mailing Address:
Citrus County Veterans Coalition
PO Box 851
Inverness,FL 34451